The Things we do for Love

lThere is an expression “the things we do for love.” It means that we compromise sometimes to make someone else happy or that we go out of our way for someone we love. It makes us feel better about ourselves and it certainly makes the other joyous. It is like a gesture of emotion that solidifies a relationship and shows warmth, empathy, and compassion. Almost anything qualified for this category. You might go on a vacation to a place you don’t like for love. You might go to see a movie you despise or eat in a restaurant not of your liking. You might play tennis but hate it, but your boyfriend loves it. You might let him wear the most atrocious shirt because it is his choice. Oh, the things we do for love we mumble under our breath. We cooperate and are good sports.

One example of something I did for love was to deal with my new boyfriend’s allergy to my cat. I was sad to find out that this was a problem. I wasn’t about to get rid of it. I couldn’t go that far and he didn’t expect me to. He would have felt guilty. But there is the problem of cat hair all over my apartment that sets off a barrage of terrible sneezing. I don’t want him to avoid coming over and it doesn’t help to put the cat outside. The pet hair still lingers everywhere. I had a dilemma on my hands that begged for a solution. The obvious answer was to purchase a good vacuum cleaner and do a bit of house cleaning. Vacuuming is a great way to deal with allergies as it will scoop up those nasty allergens in a flash. But you have to have a vacuum designed for people with allergies to make sure that it cleans efficiently enough. A person with allergies know this kind of cleaning is a way of life.

When my boyfriend used to come over, it was a major trauma for him. I gave him allergy pills but they took too long to work. He would forget to take them on his own at home an hour before visiting me. The vacuum cleaner was the far better answer. He praised my ingenuity. Most people ignore their pet hair and feel it goes with the territory of owning an animal. At best they will use a brush on the pet and dispose of the residual hair. Things are reaching a state of normalcy now that I am vacuuming with abandon. I probably do it more than I really need to but I don’t want the cat to cost me a relationship. My boyfriend actually adores the cat who is super cuddly with him. We have a kind of truce going on thanks to the vacuum. No one wants to get rid of a beloved pet. It is not one of the things you do for love, or love will disappear. There would be too much resentment.