November 20, 2020

Cables, cables, cables, they are everywhere. Man, I tell you, I can’t wait for everything to go wireless. I want my hairdryer, my water heater, my computer’s electric power supply, my TV…I want it all cableless. Imagine a world where everything functions by the waves of your brain. And people understand each other through their magnetic radiation. The attraction will be much easier. No more long conversations, just instant attractions, the good old plus, and minus.

I had a call a couple of days ago. Right after work. On the other side of the phone was Allice, who apparently had problems with her computer setup. Allice is a friend of my mother and helped me a lot when I moved to Germany. She’s a dentist. I stayed at her place for several weeks until I found my own place to stay. And let me tell you, finding a place in Munich is not an easy job. You have to call so many numbers and go on flatmate interviews, then calculate the distance from your home to work, which is why I had to do a lot of analog calculations to find a place suitable for me.

Anyways, Allice had a problem, her computer setup would not start. I had to go and check what the hell was going on. As soon as I arrived, Allice had prepared some fresh-baked pastry. Germans are very hospitable and they will never let you go without showing their hospitality. First, she told me that she could not start her computer. I checked on the cables that were behind the heavy wooden desk. It seemed like everything was fine. But then again, we had to check for sure, so we pulled the heavy desk. Of course, the cables were a mess. They were all intertwined, and I could not figure out which cable is connected to what. After a couple of minutes, we managed to deal with the mess and started rearranging the cables. It turns out it was the extension cord that was making all the problems. 

I stayed at her place to eat the pastry she had prepared while Allice went to the local store to buy a new cord. She came back, we plugged it in, and voila, everything was fine. A whole day spent on dealing with cables. I just wish that everything turns cableless really soon.