November 26, 2016

I have my daily routines like everyone else. We all come up with plans that suit our schedule. It is not that I am a rigid or regimented person; rather, it is a practical way to organize my day. These days are fairly similar and I often go through the motions almost by rote. I would like to spice things up and change up the mix. While most of my time is spent at work, I want another dimension to my existence and so I go to the gym near the office. I try to do it on a regular basis to be consistent about fitness and health.

Exercise and nutrition are the keys to success in this regard. There is no better remedy for what ails you such as chronic fatigue. When you feel a burn out coming on caused by your work load, all you have to do is workout. It gets the blood circulating and the mind humming. Do it as often as you like. Experts recommend at least three times a week for one hour. Everyone should set their own hours in the early morning or after work as they see fit. Some people who they call “morning people” love to pump iron at 6:00 am. Not me. I prefer the late afternoon before dinner. After dinner, it gets too late to get my body moving. My body rebels and reminds me that it is getting to be time for bed. Maybe a little reading or watching TV, but that’s all.

I love my gym routine which starts with a good long run on the treadmill. I then try out various toning machines and the rowing machine if it is available. The elliptical is an alternative after which I use a variety of stretch straps and balls. I follow it all with a round of good stretching while the muscles are warm and pliable. Then I hit the hot tub. A half hour in the swirling hot water makes me feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the evening. I can socialize or just go home according to my mood. Most days my mood is ecstatic after enjoying the hot tub. My gym has the best one. It has these marvelous spray jets that soothe aching muscles and pound the body with active warm water.

If you happen to have a long and vigorous workout, the tub is the answer to your prayers. Most days, other people join me and you can hear all the oohs and aahs in unison. The gym keeps the tub sparking clean and in tip top working order. It is the highlight of my visit. I don’t know what I would do without it. Others like a steam bath or a dip in the indoor pool. My preference is clear. Just point me to the hot tub and I rush in. I take a big fluffy towel for the exit and then head for the locker room. My glorious workout is done.