October 25, 2016

Women and men may be equals in the workplace, but they do have different tricks of the trade. Women are more attentive to their appearance and to ways of staying young in a competitive male-dominating world. This includes keeping their skin moisturized so it doesn’t dry out and sow wrinkles. Studies show that attractive people advance faster in their careers and are more admired by colleagues. While it doesn’t seem fair it all, it is a reality of life. Women have to be more poised and confident than men and they have to be verbal and great communicators. Learning new vocabulary is a great trick of the trade for most jobs. It shows off one’s education and training. Volunteering for extra work has always been a plus for women in spite of the fact that many get lower pay. Eventually they catch up if they play their cards right. So how you dress, look, act, and speak are keys to moving ahead. Getting along with the men in your company group also goes without saying.

Since this blog is about tips, let me impart one that helps moisturize my skin. It is a humidifier. If you keep it on at home through the night you will be ageless. Moisture in the air is better than the most expensive face cream, although you certainly can use both. Humidifier also help you breathe better and enjoy a more peaceful and restful night. This, too, keeps you looking fresh and young. It is all about taking care of yourself. This includes a good diet and plenty of exercise. These are hardly tips since everyone knows it, but few do more than go through the motions. Good nutrition will keep you svelte and attractive. Remember the rule about good looking people advancing. It all takes time to attend to these personal needs but they pay off in the long run. Finding the best humidifier can be a breeze by looking at reviews on line.

Women are learning how to compete better in the workplace and they are getting more savvy all the time. They are learning to speak men’s language and to even like talking about sports. They will join the guys for a beer at the local tavern and be one of the gang. The dividing line is breaking down everywhere and women and managing men without difficulty. It has been a learning process that you can shortcut now by knowing the tips and tricks. Women are no longer petty and gossipy at work which is a big turn off. They are not defiant and argumentative. They know how to compromise but accept winning when it is their due. They can take credit without angering jealous colleagues. They can arbitrate problems and come up with solutions. They have gained the respect they have long deserved and are true equals with their male counterparts. But it still doesn’t hurt to wear makeup, nice clothing, and keep your skin moist.